Customizing Your To Do Schedule

How to customize your To Dos to work best for your schedule and business needs

There are several different types of To Dos AMI sends you on a regular basis. We know everyone’s business is unique, so we have given you the flexibility to adjust the frequency and due date timeframe for most of your To Dos. 

Here is how to edit your To Do schedule: 

  1. Open the AMI app 
  2. Tap the Settings link at the top, right-hand corner 
  3. Tap the Edit To Do preferences option that appears
  4. This provides a list of all To Dos in which schedules can be edited. Tap any To Do listed to edit the settings. They are grouped by the workflow they appear in. 

*Note that any changes you make only impact future To Dos, not To Dos that have already been created and have not been completed yet.

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