Setting Custom Reminders

Create personalized tasks for your customers and receive reminders

 At AMI, we know you need reminders for these varied To Dos beyond the automated To Dos already available. 

AMI sets up your custom follow-up reminders via the Notes function in the app. Each follow up must be attached to a person.

Create a note for a Contact

  1. Navigate Contacts and search for the contact you’d like to apply notes to.
  2. Tap the circle with the + symbol.
  3. Tap on 'Record a note'.
  4. Type whatever you'd like to recall regarding the contact. This could be notes from a recent conversation. 
  5. Tap either the Save and create a follow-up button if you'd like to create a reminder to check-in in the future or the Save without a follow-up button if there is no follow up needed. 
  6. To view previously saved Notes, navigate back to the contact, you will find the notes within the contact's timeline. You will always see the date the note was created. 

Create a follow up from a note

You can create a follow up when creating a note (tap the Save and create a follow-up button when creating it) or edit a previously-create note (tap the Create follow-up button) to create a follow up. Once on the Create a follow-up screen, follow the steps below: 

  1. Modify the prompt if you'd like (pre-filled with "Follow up with <Contact Name>"). This will appear as the prompt for the To Do. 
  2. Adjust the date of the follow up. The is pre-selected as tomorrow. Tap the date to pick a specific date
  3. Include a description. This will appear as a prompt under the message channel options when the To Do is created. 
  4. Tap Save at the bottom 
  5. The scheduled custom To Do reminder appears in your Contact's timeline. A Delete button appears to the right of the timeline event, which prevents the future To Do from being created. 

Custom reminders appear under the Connect with your past customers workflow in your To Dos tab.