Follow Up Overview

Managing and automating your customer outreach and follow-up system

We surveyed sellers and found out that 97% did not have a follow-up system in place. However, we know that follow up and consistent customer outreach is the most important thing you can do to grow your business. At AMI, we help you organize and automate your follow-up system so you can work your business on the go with confidence.

We provide many different follow-up reminders and automated processes to help you manage your business. When you receive a To Do, you’ll send a pre-populated message to your customer that already includes sample verbiage to start. Having the messages saved in AMI really saves you time when following up with your customers. You can personalize the messages you send with Custom Message Templates. Unless you upgrade to AMI Pro, you will be limited to 10 messages/To Dos per month.

Many sellers are familiar with the 2-2-2 method, which encourages you to check in with your customer 2 days, 2 weeks, and 2 months after purchase. Keeping track of orders and remembering to check in on your customers a few months out can be difficult, especially as your business grows. Instead of using paper, sticky notes, or your memory, AMI organizes all of this information for you and provides automatic reminders. We also provide additional customer, host, and team outreach reminders, which are all outlined below. Click each section for additional information.

Customer Order Follow Up

You will receive these follow-up reminders, all based on the date on which a customer purchases from you. Orders being entered into AMI trigger the flow of reminders, whether that order is placed manually or appears in the app after workstation sync if your company has an official partnership with us.

  1. Initial Notification: Thank You
    Suggested time frame for reachout: Next day
  2. Second Reminder: Check-in
    Suggested time frame for reachout: After 14 days
  3. Third Reminder: Re-engage
    Suggested time frame for reachout: After 8 weeks

Sample Check-In

When you hand out a sample, be sure to log the sample in AMI because it will trigger a follow-up reminder to check in with your customer about their experience and hopefully turn it into a sale!

Engaging a Past Customer

AMI will also send you notifications to reach out and reconnect with customers who haven't purchased from you in 4 or more months. 

Talking About Your Business

We encourage you to get outside your comfort zone and widen your network by talking about your business to new people on a regular basis.

Catching Up with Prospective Recruits

AMI encourages you to reach out to two prospective team members per day, on a rotating weekly basis so no one falls through the cracks again!

Team Check-ins

AMI will remind you to encourage your team in the begininng, middle, and end of the month.

Checking In with Prospective Hosts

Label your customers as potential hosts, and connect with them on a regular basis to share the benefits of hosting and get a date on the calendar!

Wishing Your Customers and Team a Happy Birthday

AMI wants to ensure your customers and team members know you care and remember their birthday.

Custom Reminders

At AMI, we know that you need unique reminders for your business tasks beyond the standard options. Maybe you give prizes to party guests, send mailings to your loyal customers, or reach out to your team members at regular intervals.