An AMI update from our CEO 🍍

It breaks my heart to share with this incredible community that AMI will be shutting down as a company and will no longer be able to provide the AMI app as a service after August 31st, 2022.

With the major tech market downturn currently happening in the US, we were unable to sustain our business. We fought for and explored as many options as possible to continue operating before making the difficult decision to close our doors. We understand that this news may be sudden and heartbreaking to hear, and we are there with you.

What this means for you

  • Until August 31st, you can export your contacts from AMI by visiting from any web browser
  • You can export any Customer invoice data to help facilitate tax write-offs by visiting the above link as well
  • Starting September 1st, the AMI app and web portal ( will no longer be accessible. Opening the app will stall on the initial launch screen.
If your company partners with AMI, we are in communication with home office already.
If your company does not partner with AMI and we sync your product catalog, we are no longer able to provide that service.

If you pay AMI directly for your AMI Pro subscription

  • You can export AMI Pro subscription transaction info to help with write-offs for 2022 taxes by visiting from any web browser
  • After August 1st, there will no longer be an option to upgrade to an AMI Pro plan
  • If you are on a non-monthly AMI Pro plan, your plan will not automatically renew
  • If you are on a monthly plan, we will cancel the renewal of your plan on August 1st
  • We are currently unable to commit to a pro-rated refund at this time and will email you if that changes by September 30th
You can view a summary of all the information above and more here:
I recognize that AMI has built a platform that isn't quite like any other, so I understand your disappointment in this news. Thank you for helping us build the AMI platform to be what it is today - for all the product feedback, smiling faces at conferences, lively presence in our communities, and beyond. Team AMI will continue to cheer you on as your business continues to grow.
You can also reach out to our team at We're real people here to help.
Amal Dar Aziz
CEO & Co-founder, AMI