AMI Shutdown: What you need to know

AMI will be available to you through August 31st, 2022, 11:59pm PT. There are a few things to know about AMI's availability and your AMI Pro subscription prior to then.

Your AMI Pro Subscription

  • If you were on a non-monthly plan before June 27th, your subscription will no longer auto renew. At this time, we are unable to commit to pro rated refunds and will confirm whether we can provide a refund by September 30th
  • If you non-monthly plan was set to expire before August 31st, you are welcome to re-subscribe to our monthly plan by following this link:
  • We will no longer support signing up for AMI Pro after August 1st and all monthly subscriptions will be cancelled from auto-renewing
  • All active Pro subscriptions will be cancelled and service will be terminated on September 1st

AMI Pro Refunds

Updated August 8th, 2022.

AMI cannot guarantee refunds until September 30, 2022 unfortunately due to business wind-down responsibilities. We will be sure to inform you before that time. 

Check back here for latest updates. 

How to maximize AMI before August 31st

  1. Continue to use your AMI To Dos to connect with customers, leads, teammates, and prospects
  2. Ask your VIP group to fill out your Contact Form to ensure all information is up to date (before exporting your contact list)
  3. Drive engagement to your website using your Storefront, especially for passive sales online during the summer

How to export your data before August 31st (available for all users)

The following data will be available to export from

  1. Your contacts: this includes all contact information in AMI, contact categories and labels, as well as notes
  2. AMI Pro subscription receipts to facilitate tax write-offs for 2022
  3. Customer invoices sent from AMI with line items for:
    1. Service used for payment
    2. Subtotal
    3. Shipping
    4. Discounts
    5. Other fees
    6. Taxes
    7. Total amount

What will be unavailable after August 31st, 2022 at 11:59pm PT

  1. AMI app (it will hang on the launch screen)
  2. AMI web portal 
  3. AMI Storefront, including collections, tagged social posts, wishlists, contact form, and invoices
  4. AMI Help Portal

When your account will be deleted

Your AMI account will be automatically deleted on October 7th, 2022. If you wish to have your account deleted beforehand, please email us at