Connect with Your Community Regularly

Strengthen your community by cultivating your relationships

*You are limited to 10 messages per month unless you upgrade to AMI Pro.

Relationships are key to a thriving business, but checking in with your contacts should still happen outside of your sales cycle.

AMI will prompt you to connect with your contacts if you haven't reached out to them in the past month. Sending a quick note to let a contact know you're thinking about them, or to check-in and see how they're doing, will help foster relationships - especially in this new time of social distancing.

By default, AMI will prompt you to reach out to at most two contacts to whom you haven't reached out in the last month every day. Under To Do Settings, you'll be able to modify the number of prompts you receive daily. You will also have the option to turn these prompts off.

This To Do will not interfere with any of the sales follow-up To Dos - sales follow-up To Dos will always take priority over this prompt to reach out to a contact. 

*Please note you may not always receive the maximum amount of reach out To Dos. This is dependent upon the number of contacts who you have not contacted in the past month. For example, if you have 100 contacts in AMI, and you've recently reached out to all 100 within the past month, you will not receive any To Do prompts to connect with a contact today.