Collecting Purchase Requests for Products Without Links

Allow customers the opportunity to get in touch with you to purchase products that are not available for purchase through your website

One of the many benefits of being an online seller is that there often isn't a requirement to carry products. You can direct people to your company website to purchase without having to front the cost or track inventory. However, we know many sellers like having products available for sale for in-person events or even share information about products before they are officially available for sale online. Without a management system in place, it can quickly become overwhelming and cumbersome to manage inventory and requests, especially for those without a personal website or digital ordering platform. 

With AMI, you have the ability to add your available items, share links with your customers, and receive notifications of their interest, making it simple to manage your sales leads.

How to manage product requests

  • Share your product link by going to the Products tab (magnifying glass icon) and tapping on the folder My Products
  • Choose the product you wish to share, and tap on it. 
  • Tap the Share icon in the top right corner, which will bring up three options: Copy Link, Share on Facebook, or a search bar to share with a specific contact. 
  • When someone taps on the link you share (whether that's sent to a contact or shared on Facebook) it will bring up a form for them to complete. The form will include their name and contact information, the product information, and a notes field where they can add any questions or comments. 
  • You'll receive a To Do notification in your AMI app immediately after someone completes the form. The notification will let you know who is interested in which specific product, communication methods available, and how long ago they requested to purchase. This is helpful in case you have multiple requests.
  • Tap on the communication method you wish to use and a pre-written message template will pop up for you to respond and hopefully complete the sale! You can, of course, customize your message template by customizing the "Follow up on purchase request" template. 
  • Now that you've created your product

    There are many things you can do in the AMI app to generate excitement about it, sales and of course, follow up with your customers on a regular basis. You can: