Adding Products

Manually record personal inventory or non-partner company products to promote items, maintain order history, and follow up with customers

Add your products in Sell with AMI to keep track of what’s available for purchase, manage pricing and descriptions, and share links with your clients at your fingertips. Self-serve simplifies paperless product tracking, streamlining more of your business all in one place. 

Why you may need to manually add products in AMI

  • Your company does not have a partnership with AMI, therefore back office syncing is not an option. *Note: For more information about how to help work towards a partnership between your company and AMI, email us at
  • Your company catalog is not supported within the app 
  • Your company catalog is support within the app but does not have older products you have in your inventory

How to record a product in AMI

  1. Navigate to the Products tab (magnifying glass icon) and tap the My Products folder. 
  2. Tap the Add in the upper right-hand corner to add a new product. *Note: if this is your first product, tap Add your first product. 
  3. Add relevant information about your product by taking or attaching a photo, entering the product name, recording a price, and adding a link and description (both optional). 
  4. Once information about your product is entered, tap Create. You will now see your added product under the My Products folder. 

You can edit your products as needed, or delete products once they are no longer available. 

Now that you've created your product

There are many things you can do in the AMI app to generate excitement about it, sales and of course, follow-up with your customers on a regular basis. You can: