Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions on the top of your mind! 

We also want to make sure we share that we have a series of step-by-step video tutorials that are captioned and provide an overview of how to use AMI.

1. How often are the products in the mobile product catalog updated? 

This varies by company and can be anywhere from daily, to weekly, or monthly depending on how often products are released and whether we have a Partnership with your company. If you don't see a product that was recently launched in the app, please reach out via and we'll make sure to get that added as soon as possible. 

2. I just added a contact and/or some of their contact information into the AMI app. Can I access this from my back office?

At this time, we do not have the ability to sync your back office system. We are currently working with companies we have a Partnership with to make this possible. 

3. Why can't my Android device download the AMI app? 

At this time, the AMI app currently only supports Android 6.0 or higher, which was released in October 2015. 

4. How do I record samples I've given in the AMI app? 

AMI makes it easy to record samples and create to dos to follow up with your customers. Follow the steps in this article.

5. My company has a back office integration and I placed a group order under my name or a customer's order until my own name. Can I link products purchased to customers to make sure I don't forget to follow-up? 

We have you covered! Follow the steps in this article.

6. Can I use the AMI app on my iPad or Android tablet? 

Absolutely! AMI works on your iPad (iOS 9.0 or higher) and Android tablet (Android 6.0 or greater required), though it was designed for optimal use on a mobile phone. 

7. I post personal and business photos on my Instagram account. Does AMI post my personal photos on my Storefront?

We never post any Instagram photos on your Storefront (formerly Social Shop) without your review. Many of our sellers have an Instagram account they use for personal and professional use. In fact, these types of accounts actually have the best success because it shows your followers the authenticity of your personal brand. 

In order for your photos to appear in the Storefront, your Instagram account does need to be set as Public. After you link your Instagram account, AMI will begin creating To Dos to tag your posts. Tag products in your posts that feature products from your catalog. You can also tag the opportunity to join or host for your company in your posts, so be creative! For any posts that are too personal or not applicable for your Storefront, simply select “no” when AMI asks whether the post features products. This ensures AMI will never post the personal photo in your Storefront.

8. I'm not seeing my Instagram posts show up when I get a prompt to tag posts. 

Instagram requires your profile to be public in order for this functionality to work. We absolutely recommend making your profile public to make it discoverable for potential customers or leads. If you'd prefer hiding personal and family photos, we recommend making a profile specifically for your business. Here is a great overview on IGTV by our Head of Community, Janessa, on how to use Instagram for your business.

9. I’m concerned about syncing my back office with Sell with AMI. How do I know my data will be secure?

We take security very seriously. Our cofounders previously built HR systems for Fortune 500 companies, so we know a lot about what it takes to keep data secure. If back office syncing has been enabled for you, that means the company you sell for has worked with us to ensure the service we provide is secure. 

Our promise to you from a data security standpoint is:

  • We keep your data encrypted to prevent it from being leaked.
  • No one from our team will ever access your credentials for your back office or contact a customer on your behalf.
  • We will not store customer credit card information in our system.

10. How can I record a purchase that isn’t in my back office system?

To manually record a purchase, follow the steps in this article.

11. How do I setup AMI to allow me to message my contacts on Facebook Messenger?

You can easily message your contacts on Facebook Messenger by following the steps in this article.

12. I'm an iPhone user. When I tap Email in AMI I don't see any email draft appear for me to edit the message. Am I missing something? 

Make sure you have downloaded and configured the default Apple Mail app for your iPhone. Apple does not allow apps to send emails without using the Mail app. Follow the steps in this article to ensure this is set up properly.

13. I’m not getting To Dos every single day. What can I do to change that? 

To Dos work off of past events related to your leads and customers -- whether samples given, orders placed, invoices sent, product links shared, or reach outs to past customers, leads, hosts, and team members. 

If you aren't receiving To Dos, we recommend doing one of the following activities to connect with your prospects, customers, and team members: record an order or a sample shared to a Customer, share a wishlist or product, make a post on Instagram about your business, send an invoice, or share your Contact Form with a lead. 

14. I'm a team leader. Can I see my team in the AMI app?

Yes! You can categorize which contacts are team members and filter for them. We also have Team To Dos that help you consistently connect with your team. 

15. Can the AMI app help me create invoices for my customers?

Yes! Read more about it here. We launched this 

16. What's up with all the pineapples?

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but a pineapple a day keeps the business flowing. Here at AMI, we believe pineapples embody our entrepreneurial, strong, and sometimes sassy social sellers who are always ready to stand tall, wear a crown, be sweet on the inside, and tough on the outside. 

17. What is the best way to send your team feedback or report a bug?

Here are all the different ways to reach out to our team.